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Over 30,000 people enjoy LaVie already!

Remi N.
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I'm very happy with my purchase, the product lived up to my expectations, I recommend it without reservation.
Jany or Philippe L.
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An item that fully met my expectations and that we used in the form of a 1l bottle. Fast and accurate logistics.
Florence A.
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Good product - the most affordable purifier on the market Easy to take with you
Marie-hélène P.
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Purchase additional bottles so that you always have a supply of purified water available for cooking and drinking
Marie D.
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Fast delivery and excellent product.
Nathalie B.
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I am very happy with my purchase, the delivery was fast and everything was superbly packaged. I would recommend it to anyone.
Sandrine C.
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Very satisfied, fast and high quality. I bought 3 Lavie bottles for my machine so that I don't have to wait for the water to prepare. That way I have enough for the whole day.
Martine M.
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I am pleasantly surprised, it removes the unpleasant taste of tap water, the product was very well packaged, you are very professional.
Jacques P.
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Very happy to have bought this product. Our water quality is now optimal. I highly recommend it!

1 water purifier,

4 benefits

Keep yourself

well hydrated

The quality of your purified water is much better than bottled water. Chlorine is eliminated and tap water smells good again ... to delight your taste buds!

purified water icon content
glass of water against a natural backdrop
glass of tap water
Health icon purified water

Take care of

your health

Our water purification technology eliminates chlorine, preserves trace elements and removes traces of pesticides and drugs in tap water.

Goodbye plastic

water bottles

Help Save our Planet and be gentle with your back! Stop plastic bottles use and protect our environment. LaVie is designed to last a lifetime.

icon no more plastic bottles
Plastic water bottles
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icon save money with tap water purifier

No recurrent costs


By using our purifier, unlimited quantity of healthy water is available for you. At the same time, you'll save money as there is no extra charge with buying new packs of bottles or expensive filters!

LaVie, how does it work?

Steps in the LAVIE water purification process

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1 year free extended warranty

UV-A water purification icon

Our water purifiers work with a patented technology based on UV-a light radiation.

Chlorine destruction icon water purification

Tap water is exposed to UV-A light, which destroys the chlorine. The by-products of this reaction, called photolysis, are highly oxidising , removing 100% bacteria and a large amount of pesticides and pharmaceutical contaminants.

chlorine photolysis icon for water purification

This reaction, known as chlorine photolysis, provides you with clean water, pleasant to drink.

Ready to
take the plunge?


Our purifiers use UV-A technology, which has been proven to be effective against bacteria.
For each cycle, both the bottle and water are cleaned.

The entire device has been validated by SGS for light safety, because we use UV-A, not B or C. Our safety class means you can stare at the light for three hours in a row with no retinal damage. Approvals are noted in the instructions.

Find out more : Innovation at the heart of water purification: Discover LaVie® UV-A technology

The UV-A LEDs have an over 10 years lifespan (manufacturer's data).

There is no limestone in tap water, only calcium, as a liquid form and as an essential trace element for our health. Our technology preserves it. Thanks to LaVie, calcium transformation into limestone is highly reduced!

Electrical consomption is very low. For 1,000 litres of purified water, you'll spend around €1.5 of electricity bills only.
You will quickly make your purchase profitable, within around a year for a 2 persons family used to plastic bottles, or within around 2 years vs.carafe filters recurrent expenses.

According to the French National Health and Safety Agency (ANSES):
The filters used in filter carafes reduce the PH of the water, degrade the microbiological quality of the water and quickly release contaminants into the water (sodium, potassium, ammonium and silver ions).
Moreover, filter carafes generate plastic and chemical waste.

Our sources:

QUE CHOISIR: Carafes Useless, or even worse!

NOTICE by the Anses on the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of filter carafes

Find out more :

Is a carafe filter a good idea?

Carafe filter vs UV water purifier: the match-up!

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