The best alternative to plastic bottles and jars

No filter, no plastic, no maintenance

The fountain

Receive your clients in style

Capacity 5 liters

With its large capacity, LaFontaine is the pure water dispenser adapted to the public reception.

Filter and maintenance free

LaFontaine operates without filters or maintenance. A touch of the button on the base is enough to start the purification cycle. The stop is automatic.

Stand out from the crowd

Make a striking impression with the bright glass and wood design of this unusual purified water dispenser.

Hotel room

Rid your hotel rooms of plastic bottles with the simplest water purification system available.

purifier l'eau simplement

Simply fill the bottle with tap water from the chambers and slide it into the purifier tube.

Automatic start and stop

Available in 0.5 or 1 liter, the start and stop are automatic. Within 15 minutes, your customer has pure water at his disposal.

Anti-theft shelf

The purifier is attached to a shelf for added security. The operating instructions are engraved on this anti-theft tablet: your customer can start a new purification cycle by himself.

Ultra-low power consumption

Only 5W per cycle: purify 1,000 liters of water for 1.5€ of electricity! The bottle caps can be customized with your company logo by laser engraving.

The source

Offer in your offices a quality water, without plastic and at will.

Connected to the water network

The LaSource connects to a water supply (1/4” quick connect) and treats 10 liters per hour, so you always have purified water.

Safer water

Two patents registered for exceptional safety.

No maintenance costs

No maintenance contract: LaSource operates without a filter and has a 15-minute self-cleaning electrolysis cycle every quarter.

Room temperature or refrigerated

The cellar

Serve environmentally friendly, locally produced water in your restaurant

50 liters per hour

Put the best water purification system in your restaurant, capable of treating up to 25 liters in 30 minutes, and serve your customers eco-friendly, taste-free and light on the palate water.

Health security

The UV-A treatment eliminates any contamination that may occur when filling the bottle. Once closed and treated, the water can be kept for a considerable time, like bottled mineral water.

No maintenance costs

The solutions available on the market cost at least 100€/month… for life. LaCave works without changing filters or consumables and does not require the intervention of a technician. An outlet, a tap… and that’s it!

logo France Inter

LaVie replaces these water jugs with a filter that is changed regularly.

logo Santé magazine article sur notre purificateur d'eau innovant

No filters, no consumables, and no maintenance.

logo M6

Within 15 minutes, the blue light goes out and the water is free of its chlorinated taste.

logo Forbes

Solable turns tap water into purer water!

A revolutionary process

The LaVie system is an innovative advanced oxidation process.
The UV-A light destroys the chlorine present in tap water, creating a chain reaction that will purify the water of its other contaminants.

Destruction du chlore par les UV-A

Chlorine destruction by the UV-A LEDs of the LaVie system

Bombarded by the UV-A light, the chlorine disappears in 15 minutes.
It releases powerful free radicals that will purify the water of other contaminants.


Pesticide abatement

supprimer les pesticides

Abatement of pharmaceutical products

supprimer les médicaments

Eliminates chlorine

Return the water to its natural, light and tasteless quality.

Preserves minerals

Trace elements are essential to your health: LaVie preserves them 100%.

Purifies tap water

By eliminating chlorine, LaVie removes traces of pesticides and medications.

0 waste

No plastic waste, no consumables and negligible power consumption (1.5€ for 1000 liters of purified water).

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