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LaVie Water Purifiers

Discover the real taste of water

Without filters or installation, purify your tap water in 15 minutes.

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Does your tap water taste bad and you don't want to buy plastic bottles or filters anymore?

Your tap water has a strong chlorine or bleach taste and unpleasant odors. But plastic water bottles are polluting, heavy to carry, and you are tired of changing filters...

With LaVie don't drink water anymore... enjoy it!

In 15 minutes, obtain from your tap a soft, quality water, light in mouth and without odor

The simplest water purification system available

Drink healthy water with a natural taste, without installation and without degrading the environment.

Bouteille LaVie

1. Fill

your LaVie bottle with tap water

utilisation lavie

2. Insert

the bottle into the purifier

traitement lavie

3. Wait

until UV-A light activates the photolysis of chlorine

dégustez lavie

4. Taste it!

and enjoy the real taste of clean water

purifier l'eau en 15 minutes

Elimine le chlore

Return water to its natural, light and tasteless quality

Preserves minerals

Trace elements are essential to your health: LaVie preserves them 100%.

Purifies tap water

By eliminating chlorine, LaVie removes traces of pesticides and drugs

0 waste

No plastic waste, no consumables and negligible power consumption (1.5€ for 1000 liters of purified water)

France Inter

LaVie replaces these water jugs with a filter that is changed regularly

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No filters, consumables, and no maintenance


In 15 minutes, the blue light goes out and the water is free of its chlorinated taste


Solable turns tap water into purer water!

What they say about LaVie

Who are we?

This is the story of two friends from Southern France who love sharing ideas that come to their mind . With strong energy and ambition, they decided to create their own company, ecology and innovation orientated.

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Purificateur LaVie Pascal et Saadi

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