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How Water Filters became obsolete!

Making sure you drink good quality water is an important part of a healthy, balanced life. Hydration is crucial to our health and to the proper functioning of our bodies. Water plays a vital role in many metabolic processes, including body temperature regulation, digestion and joint lubrication. This is why it is essential to hydrate [...]

What is the water consumption of French households in 2020?

Since the end of the 18th century, water consumption has been increasing. From now on, all you have to do is turn on the tap to enjoy drinking water. It is not only used for hydration: washing dishes, showering, toilets, swimming pool, watering the garden... It has many uses, but it remains a rare resource [...]

Why a water softener?

Water softeners: salt machines From "very useful" to "bought by mistake", let's detail the results of these salt machines... Some of you have already taken the plunge, but don't quite understand what has changed. Let's take a look at the chemistry of calcium ion, which is the dissolved form of limestone, or scale, that exists [...]

The binchotan carbon to filter its tap water, from dream to reality

You purify your tap water with Binchotan, or its Chinese version made of bamboo charcoal, sold under many brands. Before hearing the screams at the back of the room, here is one of my sources of information, there are many others: "Activated carbon": does putting binchotan in water make sense? by www.lexpress.fr Do you think [...]

Calcium / calcium ion in drinking water, the whole truth!

You probably haven't noticed, it's insidious, but when we talk about mineral water, we praise the virtues of minerals, while in the marketing of filtering carafes, we talk about ugly limestone. I am going to tell you the wonderful story of this underground rock, up to our glasses of water, then our organisms. What is [...]

UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, what are their effects on water, micro-organisms, health?

All these happy photons are part of the light spectrum, they are electromagnetic waves, but our eye does not see them. They are at the bottom of the spectrum, opposite the infrared. UV-A Let's start with the most abundant, and by far, the UV-A, which represents 5% of solar radiation. They are harmless, but can [...]

What is a water osmosis plant used for?

Today, we will discuss the usefulness of this device that can be found almost everywhere, and which uses the technology of reverse osmosis. Basic osmosis without remineralization Recurring costs of a water osmosis plant In the current market of products sold to improve water quality, we consistently find proposals with recurring revenues. Water filters, water [...]

The filtering carafe

Many of you use a carafe filter in your home, and you have questions about how it works. We will try to answer them, without entering into a scientific debate that is already widely available. We display at the bottom of this article the links to a very complete study carried out by the ANSES [...]

LaVie, for premium sparkling water!

Do you like sparkling water? However, before going any further, we need to know the limits: for water to contain bubbles, CO2 must be injected into it. Rest assured, there is little danger to the planet in this operation, but the pH of your water will become more acidic. Thus, a tap water is in [...]