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LaVie UV-A tap water purifier :

Pure, healthy filtered water in just a few minutes

LAVIE tap water purifier

Your purified tap water

Enjoy purified, healthy water straight from your home with the LaVie Pure tap water purifier.

This innovative solution gives you exceptionally pure water, without the taste of chlorine or unwanted chemicals. Take advantage of a practical and economical way to improve the quality of your water.

Purification technology

advanced water filtration

With its cutting-edge purification technology, the LaVie purifier effectively eliminates chlorine, contaminants such as pesticides, viruses, traces of medication and impurities present in tap water.

You'll enjoy clear, fresh, great-tasting water that's healthier for you and your family.

Purify tap water with the LaVie water purifier

No need for expensive filters

Say goodbye to costly and cumbersome filters thanks to LaVie.

Unlike other water purifiers, our innovative system works without a filter cartridge.

This means you'll save time and money, while helping the environment by reducing plastic waste.

A compact and practical solution

Our tap water purifier is designed to fit easily into your kitchen.

Compact and discreet, it takes up very little space on your worktop.

What's more, it's easy to use: just fill the bottle with tap water, place it in the purifier and let it do its job. No complicated installation or difficult handling.

Discover our range of LaVie water purifiers

UVA filtration water purifier LAVIE PURE BLACK
LAVIE XL Premium Water Purifier
LaVie 2GO - 0.5 litre - outdoor water purifier

With years of expertise in the field of water purification, LaVie is proud to present its range of innovative water purifiers.

Carefully designed by our experts, these appliances are the result of in-depth research and a passion for ensuring pure, healthy water for all our customers.


0.5 litre water purifier

Take quality with you with the LaVie 2GO water purifier. This mobile version, with its 0.5 litre capacity, is the perfect answer for active people who are always on the move. Its sturdy glass design guarantees shock resistance, while its cutting-edge technology ensures that your water is free from impurities.

Whether it's for the office, the gym or any other outing, the LaVie 2GO glass water bottle is the essential tool for quality hydration. And with its neoprene cover, it stays protected and at the right temperature. No more compromises between mobility and hydration quality!
LAVIE 2GO aluminium tap water purifier
LAVIE 2GO tap water purifier anthracite


1-litre water purifier

The LaVie PURE water purifier offers the perfect balance between capacity and performance.

Discover pure water in the blink of an eye with the LaVie PURE water purifier. In just 15 minutes, UV-A radiation transforms your tap water into pure, healthy water. With no need for filters or regular maintenance, this 1-litre water purifier is the perfect combination of efficiency and ease of use. The purifier's design blends in elegantly wherever you place it (in the kitchen, at the office, in the caravan...). And the refined look of the borosilicate glass bottle makes it not only a durable everyday object, but also a stylish one that's sure to be the envy of many! Don't wait any longer for quality water: with LaVie PURE, it's at your fingertips in a quarter of an hour.


1-litre water purifier with wide opening

Opt for versatility with the LaVie PREMIUM XL water purifier. Its unique wide opening is specially designed to be compatible with the glass bottles of sparkling water machines.

Like our other models, the PREMIUM XL uses UV-A technology to give you purified water in just 15 minutes. With a capacity of 1 litre and an elegant borosilicate glass design, it's the ideal companion for continuous hydration, whether you're at home or in the office.

At LaVie, we firmly believe in the importance of pure, healthy water. That's why our water purifiers are the result of a combination of technical expertise, customer feedback and a passion for innovation. Choosing LaVie means opting for excellence in water purification.

Other LaVie products

LaVie also offers large-capacity water purifiers (5 litres) with the LaFontaine water cooler.


water cooler purifier 5l LAVIE

How does LaVie's UV-A purification technology work?

At the heart of our water purification expertise is UV-A technology, a major advance that sets LaVie water purifiers apart from many others on the market. Understanding how this revolutionary technology works is essential to ensuring that your water is pure and healthy.

The principle of UV-A

The LaVie water purifier is based on cutting-edge technology: purification using UV-A light. This method differs from conventional water purification systems that use filters or chemicals. With LaVie, you benefit from an approach that's both environmentally-friendly and high-performance.

When tap water is introduced into the water purifier, it is immediately exposed to UV-A rays. These initiate a photolysis reaction of the chlorine contained in the water. This action transforms chlorine and other organic compounds, as well as bacteria, into harmless molecules. The result is purified water, free of most impurities, but rich in essential minerals.

The effectiveness of UV-A chlorine photolysis in this water purifier is not limited to eliminating chlorine. It also reduces the presence of undesirable substances that can appear when chlorine reacts with organic matter.

Choosing a LaVie water purifier with UV-A technology ensures superior water quality, free of common chemical contaminants and waste, and without the hassle of replacing filters.

remove chlorine
Chlorine removal, trace element preservation and safety of the LaVie system
Destruction of chlorine by UV-A
Bombarded by UV-A light, the chlorine disappears in 15 minutes.
It thus releases powerful free radicals that purify the skin.
water of its other contaminants.

Advantages of UV-A technology in our water purifiers

Maximum efficiency

LaVie uses a specific concentration of UV-A rays to guarantee 100% elimination of microbiological contaminants.

Ecology and safety

No chemicals, no waste and completely harmless to health.

Simplified maintenance

Thanks to the use of UV-A, our water purifiers do not require filter replacement, reducing servicing costs and the need for regular maintenance.

With in-depth expertise in the field of water purification, LaVie has integrated UV-A technology into its products to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. When you choose a LaVie water purifier, you're putting your trust in proven technology and a brand renowned for its commitment to excellence.

Customer testimonials

Vincent TIPAKA

Excellent product. The tap water is really transformed in 15 minutes and its quality is significantly improved. I've tested the process in several towns in France, and the results are always good.

Very easy to use and practical because of its small volume compared with a conventional fountain.

The delivery was fast and the packaging perfect.


It's great not to have to throw away any more plastic water bottles. The LaVie water purifier provides purified water in 15 minutes and it's true, it's very soft. We have no regrets about this purchase. What's more, it comes from a French company!

Marie-Annick TOURNADE

On my daughter's recommendation, I now have two 500 ml bottles. I'm delighted with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone I know. The water tastes much softer, the limescale has disappeared and, above all, there are no additives. Congratulations to the designers. Very fast delivery

opinion on LaVie water purifiers

By choosing LaVie, you're opting for a water purification solution that's been recognised and acclaimed by many satisfied users.

The LaVie story: From passion to innovation

Pascal Nuti at the LAVIE stand at CES

In the South of France, Saadi Brahmi and Pascal Nuti, two passionate inventors, have joined forces to revolutionise access to drinking water. Saadi, an expert in mechanical engineering and a player in renewable energies, and Pascal, founder of Eon Motors, have collaborated to use technology to meet the global challenge of access to clean water.

Their initial project, Solable, was aimed at purifying water using solar energy. A discovery in Aix-en-Provence showed them that sunlight eliminated chlorine from water, improving its flavour. So they designed an artificial solution using UV-A LEDs to reproduce this effect, giving rise to the LaVie water purifier. It purifies water in 15 minutes, with no waste or maintenance, and its light lasts for 50,000 hours.

Hailed at CES in Las Vegas in 2017, they also signed a distribution agreement there with the Boulanger group. A few months ago, they launched LaVie water fountains (perfect for hotels, restaurants, gyms, etc.) and are planning to export their solar technology to developing countries. The duo is the reflection of a passion and a determination to make drinking water accessible to all.


The LaVie water purifier is an innovative device that uses UV-A chlorine photolysis technology to purify water, eliminating organic pollutants and chlorine while preserving essential trace elements. Filtering tap water just got a whole lot easier!

UV-A photolysis reproduces the effect of the sun's rays to oxidise and neutralise chlorine and other organic pollutants in the water. It's a natural, waste-free method that guarantees pure, healthy water.

No. Unlike other purification systems, the LaVie water purifier works without a water filter, which means there's no maintenance required and no waste generated.

While filter carafes can be useful for reducing certain heavy metals, their activated carbon filters have been shown to be less effective against chlorine, bacteria and pesticides.

What's more, LaVie water purifiers are environmentally friendly and economical, as they don't require filter cartridges.

Simply insert a bottle of tap water into the purifier, and in just 15 minutes the water is purified and ready to drink.

The founders of LaVie, after extensive research, have confirmed that their total abatement process never produces hazardous by-products, guaranteeing safe and effective purification.

LaVie stands out for its commitment to ecological innovation, offering a solar solution for developing countries and using artificial light technology for developed countries.

LaVie water purifiers are available directly from the shop on their website and also from Boulanger stores in France.

The purifier's artificial light is designed to last 50,000 hours, the equivalent of purifying 200,000 litres of water.

Absolutely. LaVie even won an award for its eco-sustainable water treatment process at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, testifying to its expertise and worldwide reputation.

water purifier tap wood LAVIE premium in flowers

When you choose LaVie, you're investing in cutting-edge, sustainable technology for access to pure, healthy drinking water.

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