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We designed LaVie water purifiers to meet your urgent need to be able to drink tap water with confidence. Designed for the whole family, LaVie PURE will fit in your kitchen, LaVie 2GO will follow you everywhere and LaVie PREMIUM will enhance your interior. We have been in the news since the launch of the LaVie brand: articles, tests or interviews, find out what the press is saying about LaVie on this page.

"Solable turns tap water into pure water"

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"How to remove the "taste" of chlorine from tap water"

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"Water is LaVie"

logo le figaro

"The most high-tech carafe"

logo Santé magazine article sur notre purificateur d'eau innovant

"This is the story of LaVie"

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"LaVie: the gift to offer for cancer natives"

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"The LaVie carafe purifies without a filter"

Logo Régal, article sur nos purificateurs d'eau innovants

"To refresh yourself with water that is always pure."

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"Gift Special"

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"LaVie invents a new way to purify water"

logo le figaro

"Solable challenges the water fountain market"

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"When tap water purifies itself as if by magic"

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"Tap water: our advice to purify it and give it more taste"

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"The Buzz of the Week"

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"Solable, the Provençal company that purifies water, rewarded in Las Vegas"

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"The Solable Case"

logo la Provence

"LaVie: eco-friendly water purifier"

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"Discreet and bright, it fits well in the kitchen"

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"R&D: Solable files patents to better raise funds"

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"LaVie water, a small gesture with big benefits"

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"LaVie, a zero waste and natural solution to purify water in 15 minutes"

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"This innovative bottle purifies tap water in 15 minutes"

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"Light at the service of water purity!"

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"LaVie is the promise of purified water and the deconsumption of plastic bottles"

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"No more bad-tasting tap water with this water purifier"

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"LaVie 2GO water purifier: water, life!"

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"LaVie to rediscover the true taste of water"

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"Here's a great gift for drinking purer water, simply and beautifully!"

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"Perfect to stop your plastic consumption"

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"Water purifier without filter by UV-A radiation"

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"Tap water is finally becoming drinkable!"

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"Purified water in 4 steps"

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"Pure water even on the go"

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"Ecological and easy to use"

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