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Why use a water purifier at home?

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Benefits of a home water purifier

In France, we are fortunate to have drinking tap water, the quality of which is relatively well monitored. Nevertheless, its quality can vary greatly from one region to another, whether in terms of chlorine concentration or hardness.

What's more, pollution and impurities can affect the quality of the water we drink every day. That's where a home water purifier comes in. In this article, we'll explore the reasons why it's important to use a water purifier at home.

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Improving the quality of drinking water

One of the main benefits of a water purifier is that it can significantly improve the quality of the water we drink. By eliminating impurities such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and chemicals, a water purifier ensures cleaner, healthier and better-tasting water.

Moreover, the unpleasant taste and smell of tap water are the main reasons why consumers buy bottled water.

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Protecting your health and that of your family

Drinking contaminated water can lead to various health problems linked to the presence of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, which is often present in tap water and can cause diarrhoea or urinary tract infections.

By using an efficient water purifier, you reduce the risks associated with drinking impure water and protect your family's health.

Reducing the use of plastic

By investing in a water purifier, you're also helping to reduce the use of plastic. By filtering tap water, you'll no longer need to buy bottled water. This limits the production of plastic waste and helps to protect the environment.

The consumption of bottled water in France is reaching alarming levels. In fact, France is one of the biggest consumers of plastic water bottles, with annual consumption of 9.3 billion litres of bottled water, despite widespread access to drinking water!

This represents the rejection of 25 million bottles a dayof which only 50% are actually recycled.

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Plastic bottles

Saving money

Although buying a water purifier represents an initial investment, it can save you money in the long term. By filtering tap water, you avoid buying bottled water, which can represent a substantial saving on your annual budget.

We've done the maths, and in addition to the waste that would be saved, 25 million plastic bottles a day represent a cost of €11.6 million every day spent in France!

Calculation: 25 million x €0.5/l* - 25 million x €0.03/l** = €11.7 million !!!

Sources :

* Average price of bottled water (or use one of our products?): 0.5€/l’eau%20en%20bouteille%20est,de%201.5%20litre%20par%20jour%20!

** Price of tap water: €0.03/l,de%20l’eau%20en%20bouteille

In fact, bottled water, whether spring or mineral, can cost up to 300 times more than tap water !

Easy to install and maintain

Water purifiers are generally easy to install and maintain. Some models attach directly to the tap, while others are free-standing and can be placed on the worktop.

It's wiser to opt for a water purifier that doesn't require you to change filters frequently, which adds to the initial cost and has a negative environmental impact. Water purifiers using UV-A filtration technology offer a great advantage in this respect.

In conclusion, using a water purifier at home offers many benefits, including improving the quality of your drinking water, protecting your health and that of your family, reducing the use of plastic and saving money. To help you choose the water purifier best suited to your needs, have a look at our guide to water purifiers or our shop.

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Pascal Nuti CEO of LaVie Water Purifier
Article written on 19/06/2023 by Pascal Nuti - CIO Solable - Passionate about energy, I'm constantly on the lookout for new targets for improvement, exploring cross-disciplinary paths using novel methods.

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