Why a water softener?

Water softeners: salt machines

From “very useful” to “bought by mistake”, let’s detail the results of these salt machines…
Some of you have already taken the plunge, but don’t quite understand what has changed.

Let’s take a look at the chemistry of calcium ion, which is the dissolved form of limestone, or scale, that exists in the water supply of the meter.

This trace element is one of the most important for our body, it allows among other things to transport the electrical signals that our brain sends to our muscles. We try to absorb it in mineral water, cheese, milk etc…

There is, however, one mineral that our body cannot reject if consumed in excess in our diet, and that is salt.

Well, it is curious to say the least, but a water softener replaces calcium with the same amount of salt, yes the famous NaCl of our salt shaker!

Moreover, a water softener requires maintenance, from 135€/year for a contract that includes maintenance, filters and salt (source https://www.savadou.fr)

Purificateur d'eau écologique LaVie

Preserve the trace elements in tap water with LaVie

LaVie® UV-A water purifiers operate without filters or maintenance and allow you to purify your tap water in 15 minutes.

They use an innovative, patented technology exclusive to LaVie®: the photolysis of chlorine by UV-A radiation.

This treatment allows the removal of chlorine and its by-products, chemical compounds such as certain pesticides or traces of medication, tastes and odors that can be found in tap water, while preserving 100% of the trace elements.

The result, very qualitative, allows to draw a definitive line on the consumption of water in plastic bottles.

The carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of the UV water purifier’s aluminum tube is neutralized in a few days of use compared to the equivalent consumption of water in plastic bottles.

This happens on what are called ion exchange resins.

These resins need maintenance and replacement once or twice a year, and generate a nice pollution in the process, mainly because of the cleaning water that will come out salty, not nice for our water tables. Maintenance also consumes a lot of water. Resins, if not maintained, can cause bacterial contamination, as can a carafe filter that is not replaced in time.

Then there is the salesman’s argument: it will extend the life of your water heater and appliances. I advise you to ask them for the study that proves it before signing any commitment: Removing calcium makes the water acidic, adding salt makes it ultra corrosive to metals.

As easy as it is to throw two spoonfuls of citric acid into your washing machine or coffee maker to melt the limescale, it is impossible to regenerate the metal corroded by this scouring and salty water.

Conclusion, if you can avoid it, do not use a water softener, nature will thank you.

If you have one, try to make an upstream bypass to fill your drinking water bottle, this is our advice.

We will explain in a future publication how to avoid transforming the calcium ion into its crystalline form, until then, you should know that there are systems to neutralize limestone by injecting CO2, without environmental nuisance, respectful of your health.

We are confident that you now know enough to make a more informed choice, be aware that the cure may be worse than the disease.

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