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Founders of LaVie Purificateurs d'eau: Saadi Brahmi and Pascal Nuti
Saadi and Pascal launched the business in 2015, the first company to use purified light to purify water over the long term.

Our history

LaVie was born of a profound desire to make the world a better place.
Our ultimate vision is to distribute UV-A water purification technology throughout the world free of charge.

Pure water for a fairer world 🌍

It all began with an unexpected discovery

Motivated by their commitment to the environment and inspired by their own experiences in the photovoltaic, wind, electric bike and electric car sectors, founders Pascal Nuti and Saadi Brahmi set up Solable in 2015.

Their first project, solar pasteurisation, was aimed at eliminating the bacteria present in water, to make drinking water accessible to African populations who do not have access to it.

In the course of their research, an unexpected discovery changed the course of their business: the water tested with sunlight tasted different 🤯

A patent is filed, paving the way for a revolutionary product

The product resulting from this discovery is a water purifier that uses UV-A radiation to improve water quality:
Picto eliminates chlorine
Picto eliminates chlorine
Picto eliminates traces of medication
Picto eliminates traces of medication
In 2018, LaVie will present its founders with an award at CES in Las Vegas, an international trade show dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.
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"From all over the world where we have delivered, whether in Colombia, Brazil, the United States and Europe, we have had messages of congratulations."

Our mission

The name Solable, a contraction of the words "sun" and "sustainable", reflects the company's mission: to combat single-use plastic bottles and strengthen consumer hope and resilience in the face of environmental challenges ☀️

The vision of the founders remains to help countries in difficulty through a foundation set up by their company, with two aims: to preserve the environment and to care for humanity.

Our scientific studies

Health is sacred! ✨

We've designed LaVie water purifiers to allow you to drink tap water with complete confidence and safety.

Our UV-A purification technology gives you water of a quality comparable to bottled water...

Minus the plastic and the price!

To achieve this, we rely on two natural processes: chlorine photolysis and advanced oxidation.

Our commitments

The technology

LaVie is at the cutting edge of innovation. We need to use technological advances to make the world a better place.


Everyone can use LaVie. Taking action for your health and the environment doesn't have to be complicated!


With no filters or consumables, LaVie requires no maintenance. LaVie is for life!

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