Removal of contaminants from tap water

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory of the University of Aix-Marseille has measured the beneficial effects of UV-A radiation from LaVie water purifiers on your tap water.

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Operating principle

The UV-A light destroys the chlorine present in tap water, creating a chain reaction that will purify the water of its other contaminants.

supprimer le chlore

Chlorine destruction by the UV-A LEDs of the LaVie system

Destruction du chlore par les UV-A

Bombarded by the UV-A light, the chlorine disappears in 15 minutes.
It releases powerful free radicals that will purify the water of other contaminants.


Reduction of bacteria

The bacterial cell is completely destroyed during the LaVie process.


Pesticide abatement

supprimer les pesticides

The dangerous molecules of pesticides are degraded by free radicals released by the destruction of chlorine.


Abatement of pharmaceutical products

supprimer les médicaments

Traces of pharmaceuticals in the tap water are degraded during the process.

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