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229€ 199€ until 12/31/2020

In addition to its natural bamboo design, the PREMIUM model will provide you with purified water of high taste quality on a daily basis.

Easy to use

Delivered with its compatible glass bottle, the UV-A PREMIUM purifier is very easy to use. Fill the 0.5 litre LaVie bottle with tap water to the top of the neck, leaving two to three centimetres of air above, then place the LaVie bottle in the purifier.

Automatic start and stop

An integrated sensor detects the presence of the bottle and automatically starts the water purification cycle. At the end of the treatment, 15 minutes by default, the UV-A LEDs automatically turn off. The bottle containing now purified water can be removed from the purifier for immediate consumption.

Long-life bottle

The bottle cap incorporates a gasket that guarantees a perfect seal for a very long conservation of the treated water, in a cool place or at room temperature.


Veneered in natural bamboo, the LaVie PREMIUM water purifier will dress up your kitchen or living room with taste.

Technical data
PREMIUM model + Bottle 1L
Weight: 1,84 Kg
Dimensions: 10,5 cm x 10,5 cm x 31 cm
Capacity 1 litre


  • 1 water purifier LaVie® natural bamboo
  • 1 bottle 1 litre LaVie® made of borosilicate glass, natural bamboo cap with gasket
  • 1 AC / DC 110 / 220V - 24V / 1,5A  adaptor
  • EU Plug or UK Plug: depends on where you're ordering from

30-day money back guarantee

24 month warranty

3 or 5 days delivery

100% secure payment

5% of your order will be donated to our fondation LaVieSun which makes drinking water accessible in developing countries

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A partir de 5 reviews Write a review

Avis client

A partir de 5 reviews Write a review
LaVie élimine le chlore de l'eau du robinet


Eliminates chlorine for unbeatable tasting water

LaVie purifie l'eau du robinet


Purifies water and reduces traces of pharmaceuticals and pesticides

LaVie lutte contre les déchets en plastique


Cartridge free, and no more plastic bottles

LaVie préserve les sels minéraux


Tests scientifiques : élimination des contaminants par les purifIcateurs d'eau UV LAVIE

Performance of LaVie UV Water Purifiers in removing known contaminants, glyphosate and Escherichia coli bacteria

Il apparaît clairement une efficacité de dé-chloration du procédé LAVIE® supérieure à 90% dès 15 minutes d’exposition 

Professeur Alain Roche

Professeur Nicolas ROCHE
Aix-Marseille Université 

Read full report

LaVie SUN  

By purchasing our LaVie UV-A water purification systems, you contribute to the distribution of LaVie SUN systems in sensitive countries, a variation of our solar-powered technology.

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