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Removal of contaminants from tap water

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory of the University of Aix-Marseille has measured the beneficial effects of UV-A radiation from LaVie water purifiers on your tap water.

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Functional principle

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The LaVie system is an innovative advanced oxidation process.
The UV-A light destroys the chlorine in tap water, creating a chain reaction that purifies the water of other contaminants.

Consult the scientific test (in English)

Chlorine destruction by the UV-A LEDs of the LaVie system

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Bombarded by UV-A light, the chlorine disappears in 15 minutes.
It releases powerful free radicals that purify the water of other contaminants.

Consult the scientific test on chlorine (in French)

Pesticide abatement

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The dangerous molecules of pesticides are degraded by the free radicals released by the destruction of chlorine.

Consult the scientific test on chlordecone

Abatement of pharmaceuticals

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Traces of pharmaceuticals contained in the tap water are degraded during the process.

See the scientific test on carbamazepine and diclofenac
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