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Ecological and easy to use

Bouteille LaVie

1. Fill

your LaVie bottle with tap water

utilisation lavie

2. Insert

the bottle into the purifier

traitement lavie

3. Wait

until UV-A light activates the photolysis of chlorine

dégustez lavie

4. Taste it!

and enjoy the real taste of clean water

purifier l'eau en 15 minutes
La Provence

Solable, when tap water is magically purified

La Provence

No filters, consumables, and no maintenance

La Provence

In 15 minutes, the blue light goes out and the water is free of its chlorinated taste

La Provence

Solable transforme l’eau du robinet en eau pure !

LaVie's technology: UV-A

Unlike UV-C, UV-A light destroys the chlorine in tap water.

The reaction results in the elimination of chlorine, but also a significant reduction in bacteria, traces of pesticides and pharmaceutical contaminants.


The powerful light of our UV-A water purifiers destroys chlorine, its by-products and more than 90% of bacteria

Purificateur d'eau LaVie vu de dessus

6 Wh

Purifie 1 000 litres d’eau  pour 1,5€ d’électricité


Automatic start and stop

LaVie UV-A water purifiers® is filter and maintenance free and allow you to purify your tap water in 15 minutes

Ils utilisent une technologie innovante, brevetée et exclusive à LaVie® : la photolyse du chlore par rayonnement UV-A.
This treatment allows the removal of chlorine and its by-products, chemical compounds such as certain pesticides or traces of medication, tastes and odours that can be found in tap water.
The result, which is very qualitative, makes it possible to draw a definitive line on the consumption of water in plastic bottles.
The carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of the UV water purifier's aluminium tube is neutralised in a few days of use compared to the equivalent consumption of water in plastic bottles.

Scientific tests

removal of contaminants by LAVIE UV water purifiers

Effectiveness of LaVie UV water purifiers in removing known contaminants, glyphosate and Escherichia coli bacteria

Consult the tests
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