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Do you like sparkling water?

First of all, before going any further, you need to be aware of the limits: for water to contain bubbles, CO2 has to be injected into it. But don't worry: there is little danger to the planet in this operation, but the pH of your water will become more acidic.

Tap water has a neutral pH of around 7.5, while bottled sparkling water is acidic with a pH of 6.

Don't forget that our bodies need pure water with a balanced pH (WHO recommendation), so I recommend that you drink sparkling water in moderation.

That said, the physical effects of these little bubbles are not negligible, and are no doubt largely responsible for its success. Around 20% of French people consume them regularly.

Bubbles have the ability to bring out smells and tastes in a more pronounced way than still water, in fact, they excite our taste buds.
So if we use tap water that's a little too high in chlorine or taste, we'll be drinking sparkling water that's too 'typical', heavy on unpleasant flavours and smells. This is why many of us avoid carbonating machines and continue to drink sparkling water in plastic bottles.

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Treat the water with LaVie after gasification

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LaVie® UV-A water purifiers work no filter, no maintenance and allow you to purify your tap water by 15 minutes.

They use an innovative, patented technology exclusive to LaVie®: photolysis of chlorine using UV-A radiation.

This treatment reduces chlorine and its derivatives, chemical compounds such as certain pesticides or traces of medicinesand tastes and smells found in tap water.

The result, which is of a very high quality, makes it possible to draw a definitive line under the consumption of bottled water.

The carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of the UV water purifier's aluminium tube is neutralised in just a few days of use, compared with the equivalent consumption of water in plastic bottles.

Conclusive tests

So we've tested and had tested the pre-treatment of water by the LaVie process before bottling it for carbonation, and the result is quite simply breathtaking, generally better than bottled sparkling water (depending on individual taste, of course...).

That's why I encourage you to give it a try. You can certainly use any brand of gasifier, CO2 is still CO2, and the injection nozzle makes little difference in quality between models.

Even so, it's still easier to find CO2 refills on the standard market, so keep this in mind when choosing your equipment.

Finally, don't hesitate to have your say on this blog after testing, and send us your impressions - we'll be delighted to publish them.


Pascal Nuti CEO of LaVie Water Purifier

Article written on 11/02/2021 by Pascal Nuti - CIO Solable - Passionate about energy, I'm constantly on the lookout for new targets for improvement, exploring cross-disciplinary paths using novel methods.

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