Glass Water Dispenser: The Modern Choice for Pure Water Thanks to UV-A Technology

Glass Water Dispenser:
The Modern Choice for Pure Water Thanks to UV-A Technology

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Imagine for a moment that every drop of water from your tap is a miniature planet, teeming with life. Tiny bacteria, viruses, and other unseen creatures are dancing the macarena in it, oblivious to your concerns. It’s not very reassuring, is it? But don’t panic! We have a secret weapon that will turn this impromptu party into a quiet retreat: UV-A technology. This superhero of purification takes care of cleaning our 5-liter borosilicate glass water dispenser. Thanks to it, your water becomes pure and safe, a real haven of peace for your taste buds. So, are you ready for a journey into the heart of purified water like you’ve never seen before?

What is a Glass Water Dispenser?

Imagine a jewel that not only looks beautiful but also cleans your water. That’s our glass water dispenser! It purifies water while enhancing your interior with its elegant design. Our 5-liter glass water dispenser gracefully combines aesthetic appeal with the power of UV-A technology to deliver water sparkling with purity.

UV-A Technology for Water Purification

UV-A technology is like a superhero of modern times. Its superpower? Zapping the mischievous microorganisms that laze about in your water. The result: water as pure as the gaze of a Labrador puppy. And guess what? Our glass water dispenser is equipped with this future technology!

Borosilicate Glass: The Perfect Choice for a Water Dispenser

Borosilicate glass is like the muscle man among glasses. It withstands heat, it’s robust, and it doesn’t alter the taste of your water. In short, it’s as reliable as a friend who helps you move house on a Sunday. That’s why we naturally chose this material for our glass water dispenser.

Why Choose our 5-Liter Borosilicate Glass Water Dispenser?

Because it has everything to please! It combines UV-A technology for healthy and pure water with the robustness of borosilicate glass. Just think about it, it’s as if you had your own water treatment plant at home, but more chic and eco-friendly! And according to our customers, it is as easy to use as it is to love.

Glass Water Dispenser: An Ecological and Durable Choice

By choosing our 5-liter borosilicate glass water dispenser, you are taking a step for the planet. Say goodbye to mountains of plastic bottles, and hello to a greener and healthier life. Moreover, being robust and durable, borosilicate glass will accompany your dispenser for many years.

Expertise and Customer Service: Our Commitments

With us, we don’t mess around with quality. We are pros at water purification and customer service. We are here to help you tame your new dispenser and answer all your questions. Because offering you quality water is our mission!

Customer Testimonials

Do you want to know what our customers think of our technology and the products using this technology? Read on, here is a selection of some Google reviews (translated into English) on our purifiers:

'I liked the concept of the purifier as early as 2021. In 2023, I haven't changed my mind, I find the product effective, regardless of the water source. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. My children are also equipped!'

'I'm on my third Life Purifier, I give it as a gift to those around me. The latest one I acquired allows me to travel on weekends, I adore it.'

'I've had this purifier for 2 years, I'm very happy with it. It allows us to make significant savings and ensures very healthy water, free of pesticides, chlorine... and without the harmful effects of the plastic in which it would otherwise be stored.'

'Great product and excellent after-sales service.'

Google Reviews

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In Summary

Our glass water dispenser stands out not only for its 5-liter size, which is ideal for meeting the needs of a family or small company, but also for its primary function: purifying water through efficient UV-A filtration technology.
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It doesn’t need a conventional filter to purify water. Instead, it uses UV-A light to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. The UV-A purification system, combined with the robustness of borosilicate glass, makes this dispenser a practical and durable choice. The color of the borosilicate glass is naturally transparent and it could add a touch of elegance to your surroundings! Our brand, LAVIE, stands out for its commitment to merging aesthetics, functionality, and durability in each of its products. The glass water dispenser, which employs UV-A technology, is a brilliant example of this.
So, you see, our water dispenser is not just a beautiful object. It’s also your best ally for pure, healthy, and delicious water. And, as a major bonus, you’re doing a good deed for the planet by reducing your plastic consumption. So, are you ready to dive into the world of purified water? Come discover the joys of our glass water dispenser, your family, friends, or employees will thank you!
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Pascal Nuti CEO de LaVie Purificateur d'eau

Article written on 06/19/2023 by Pascal Nuti – Solable CEO – Passionate about energy, I am constantly looking for new targets for improvement, exploring cross-cutting paths using new methods.

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