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Carafe filter vs UV tap water purifier: the match-up!

Table of contents
Comparison between UV water purifiers and carafe filters

When David meets Goliath... in your kitchen

Who has never been faced with the question of how to purifying tap water ? If the carafe filter seemed to be the undisputed queen of purification in your kitchen, a major challenger has entered the arena: the UV water purifier.

We're talking here about UV water purifiers that specifically use UV-A radiation (to find out more:
UV water filters: UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, what are their effects on water, micro-organisms and health?).

Let the match begin!

Presentation of the challengers

Carafe filter: an old acquaintance

Carafe filter

Our dear carafe filter is no longer in need of introduction. Simple to use, it has become a fixture in our homes, promising water free of impurities.

The best-known brands are Brita or Berkey. But like all veterans, does she still have what it takes to stand up to the new generation?

UV water purifier: the young prodigy

Bold, innovative and unburdened by any filter, the UV water purifier represents the future of purifiers. With its UV-A technologyIt promises pure water in a flash. Enough to make our old carafe break out in a cold sweat!

For everything you need to know about UV-A technology to purify tap watersee here :

The battle: let's compare, unfiltered!

LaVie UV Water Purifier

Environmental impact: Who's the greenest?

Filter jugs : There's a complicated relationship between them and the environment. Their carbon footprint and the plastic waste they generate, with the regular replacement of filters, don't work in their favour.

UV purifiers The new "zero waste" brand: virtually zero waste and a fierce enemy of plastic bottles. They seem to have a head start in this ring.

Verdict Unlike filter carafes, which require filters to be changed regularly, UV water purifiers use no filters at all, and consume very little electricity.

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Capacity and practicality: The weight of years

Filter jugs : They have their charm, but their limited capacity and their clutter can be annoying.

UV purifiers : With their express purification and their adaptability, they seem tailor-made for the 21st century.

Verdict The filter carafe is a piece of furniture, as they say, but its practicality is not so obvious: You'll need a large fridge to keep it cool! The UV water purifier bottle slides naturally into the fridge door.

Water quality: the essence of the battle

Filter jugs : Yes, they filter, but at what cost? Visit acid water and reduction in trace elementsThe results are mixed. What's more, they could well be real breeding grounds for bacteria! (To find out more, click here:

UV purifiers They shine here (literally)! Extremely effective against chlorineA real aquatic symphony. A true aquatic symphony.

Verdict Recent studies are not in favour of our old carafe filter, which is increasingly struggling to prove its usefulness.

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Economic considerations: Who will put holes in your wallet?

Filter jugs Inexpensive (between €20 and €40), the cost of cartridges, on the other hand, can add upAnd your wallet could be in for a rude awakening.

UV purifiers : An initial investment, but long-term savings. They seem to know the tricks of the financial trade.

Verdict So yes, the initial investment is higher for a UV water purifier (between 100 and 200 Euros). But here again, it's a case of the tortoise and the hare! In the end, it's not the fastest (or cheapest) that wins!

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And the winner is...

As you can see, this is the UV water purifier!

UV water purifiers have established themselves as the best alternative to carafe filters. the undisputed champion of water purification.

In environmental termsIt has a very favourable balance sheet, with virtually zero waste and a minimal power consumption. In terms of capacity and practicality, it surpasses the carafe with its express purification and adaptability to modern needs.

Where the carafe filter raises doubts about water qualityUV purifiers are extremely effective, guaranteeing delicious, healthy water. And although the initial investment in a UV purifier may seem high, it's worth it. promises long-term savingsmaking its total cost more advantageous.

In short, the UV water purifier is not only the choice of the future, but also the wisest choice for those looking for pure, healthy water at all times.

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Pascal Nuti CEO of LaVie Water Purifier

Article written on 07/09/2023 by Pascal Nuti - CIO Solable - Passionate about energy, I'm constantly on the lookout for new targets for improvement, exploring cross-disciplinary paths using novel methods.

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