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Why UV-C water sterilizers are useless in developed countries ...


We, inhabitants of developed countries, are very lucky: our tap water is made drinkable by municipal / national commitment.

And you know what ? It works pretty well, nothing compared to developing countries where access to safe drinking water is more of an exception than a general rule.

In hot countries (roughly all of the Third World), like those in Africa, there are huge problems with bacterial pollution, which causes repeated dysentery and death. Thus, despite our best efforts, approximately 1.2 million people die from a disease related to the quality of the water.

It is very possible that these figures are going up again because chemical pollution is added more and more violently to bacterial pollution: endocrine disruptors, textile dye residues, pesticides, drugs, microplastics, the list goes on.

Chlorine is usually used for this purpose to prevent bacteria from growing in drinking water, but UV-C radiation can also be used (not to be confused with LaVie's UV-A radiation, UV-C is lethal for humans, and does not arrive on earth because it remains blocked by the ozone layer, thank you to her!).

This UV-C radiation is absorbed by bacterial DNA, causing it to mutate, making bacterial reproduction impossible (we speak of bacterial division because it cuts in two to multiply).


Thus, with little power, you can “sterilize” a water of its bacteria, it will not die, but will not be able to multiply in your stomach, and you will therefore not get sick. Exactly the same result is achieved by boiling water for a few minutes. It's simpler, but uses more energy.

On the other hand, UV-C sterilization, just like boiling, is not purification, contrary to what some sellers of UV-C sterilizers claim: they do not change anything in the rate of chlorine, in the taste, in the odors. , chemical compounds present in water.

A simple filter jug ​​will do much better for less.

So don't be fooled by eye-catching designs, or cute mermaids of false promises: it is absolutely unnecessary in France to acquire such products.

Why do you want to kill bacteria that don't exist?

The only usefulness of these UV-C bottles (polluting because they are equipped with a non-interchangeable lithium battery that will last two to three years at most ...)
is hiking, if you only have lake or river water available.

In your place, however, I would look twice before drinking these waters, because as explained above, you will only remove the bacteria, so prepare to drink chemical pollutants such as glyphosate, or why not lead. , arsenic etc ...

In our LaVie process, for example, to break down chlorine molecules, we use 50 times the amount of energy of UV-C Camelback or Lark Bottle bottles.

A true purifier must be able to reduce chlorine as well as its derivatives, chemicals, pesticides, traces of drugs, endocrine disruptors etc.

For these UV-C bottles, you will only find evidence of bacterial reduction on their manufacturer's website, and for good reason ...

Concerning developing countries, we have an action through our solar product, LaVie SUN, brought to the site www.lavie.foundation , and we fully intend to make an impact, very soon.

I hope that now you will make choices based on your need, with complete clarity, and never again confuse UVA purification with UVC “flash”.

Cheers !

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