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LaVie, for premium sparkling water!

eau pétillante soda

Do you like sparkling water?

Before going any further, you need to know the limits: for water to contain bubbles, CO2 must be injected into it. Rest assured, there is little danger for the planet in this operation, but the pH of your water will become more acidic.

Thus, a tap water is in neutral pH, that is to say approximately 7.5, a sparkling water sold in bottle is acid with a pH of 6.

Let's not forget that our body needs above all pure water with a balanced pH (WHO recommendation), so I recommend that you consume sparkling water in moderation.

Our solutions

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This being said, the small bubbles have significant physical effects, and are probably responsible for a large part of its success. About 20% of French people consume them regularly.

Bubbles have the gift of bringing out the smells and tastes in a more pronounced way than in still water, in fact, they excite our taste buds.
So, if we use tap water that is a little too high in chlorine or taste, we will drink sparkling water that is too "typical", heavy in unpleasant flavours and smells. This is what pushes many of us to avoid carbonating machines and to continue to drink sparkling water in plastic bottles.

We have tested the LaVie pre-treatment of water before bottling it for carbonation, and the result is simply amazing, generally better than bottled sparkling water (this is of course depending on your taste...).

I encourage you to try it, you can of course use any brand of carbonation machine, CO2 remains CO2, and the injection nozzle does not make much difference in quality between models.

Eau pétillante Sodastream

Nevertheless, it is easier to find CO2 refills on the standard, so pay attention to this detail when choosing your equipment.

Above all, do not hesitate to express yourself on this blog after testing and return your impressions, we will publish them with pleasure.

To your health!


  • Merci Brigitte, on à encore beaucoup de projets dans la valise, et grâce à vous, on va pouvoir les réaliser !
    Comme le dit si bien Pierre Rabi, on peut tous contribuer au bien commun, chacun à son échelle .
    Vive les colibris !

    Pascal Nuti
  • Merci a LAVIE pour tout ce que vous faite pour nous et la nature , c ’est vraiment bien !

    brigitte b

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